College campuses around the state are taking precautions to monitor the spread of coronavirus, including UW-Green Bay and St. Norbert College.

Students will be taking longer spring breaks to extend their time away from class and reduce the chance of spreading the virus.

Each University of Wisconsin system school had the option of whether to close their campuses for an additional week after spring break, telling students to go home and stay home until further notice.

UW-GB will close it’s doors to students and faculty March 23-28.

Reviews from students are mixed.

“I personally feel like it is a bit much, I don’t feel like it’s as big of a concern as I guess others do,” says student Kevin Gonzalez.

“It’s still a good idea to have a precautionary measure such as an extra week to contain the virus,” says student Bennett Tust.

Many colleges and universities have resorted to alternative methods of teaching, for many students, they’ll be taking their classes online.

“Some of them may choose to go online, they can choose to do it through the online portal and canvas, they can choose to do it through by emailing back-and-forth, there’s all kinds of ways this could happen,” says UW-GB’s provost Michael Alexander.

Some students think going online isn’t enough.

“I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like that much,” says student Mason Campbell. “I learn from in-class work and going online just isn’t gonna work out very well.”

Colleges like St. Norbert are also closing for a week after their spring break, but their clinic will remain open.

“We are preparing our staff, assuring them that they have the equipment necessary to do some rule-out tests before going ahead and triaging the need for additional testing for Covid-19,” says Chrystal Woller with St. Norbert health services.

As for those who can’t leave campus like the 150 plus international students at UW-GB, they are allowed to stay.

But some work study jobs may be put on hold.

“Some of them can’t make it off money to provide for the food that we have here so I’m going to be helping out my friends and stuff like that,” says student La Dorsch. “Because it is kind of hard to work, to be an international student and be able to work on campus.”

Until then students are just planning on an extra long spring break, fun or not.

“Until we get a few more [cases] confirmed, I don’t like it,” says Campbell.

All university-sponsored spring break trips have been cancelled at UW-GB and St. Norbert.

All UW-GB campus events from March 14-22 have been cancelled as well.

Events at the Kress Center are cancelled until March 29.