ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WFRV) – One local organization allows artists to show their work for the entire community to see. Artists attending the annual Mosaic art event say they create their work for opportunities like this.  
“I’ve been an artist well you know, if you count the younger years when we’re all artists, but as a professional artist I’ve been one for probably about 15 years,” said Green Bay artist Melvin McGee. 

Mosaic Art’s 33rd “Artigas hosts more than 90 artists and allows them to display their talent. Mcgee says he is thrilled to share his artwork with others.  

“We can paint all we want but unless we show the world, then you are just in your closed loop system so by showing it inspires us to keep creating, “explained McGee. 

Artists attending the event say participating inspires their work ethic.  

 “It will help me, like more people come over to the shows and it will help me to create more, and a lot of customers will look into my stuff,” said Illinois artist May Xiong. 

Mosaic Art says they aim to help artists make a name for themselves, one Festival at a time.  

“The goal is that we’re exposing people to art and making opportunities for people to get access to that art and help our artist make a living,” stated Mosaic Art executive director Carol Faltynski. 
Mosaic Art plans to host more events soon.