The process of taking down the decades-old concert and sports venue is ramping up.

After more than 60 years, the Brown County Arena is coming down piece by piece.
No TNT or implosions here–just good old-fashionedmanual dismantling.

“What they’re doing is prepping the inside,” said Kurt Wolfgram from Miron Construction. “They want to get all the materials out of there, so they can begin to take down the exterior shell and then, lastly, the roof of the building.”

Shopko Hall is gone and the old Packers Hall of Fame is not far behind it.
No naming rights have been settled on for the new $93-million Brown County Expo Center, which is still planned for a January 2021 opening.

And for the conservationists out there: the majority of the rubble will be recycled, and what is not reused will be pulverized.
From here, work will move quickly. The arena should be down by the end of the month.

“It was sad to see the arena go–a lot of memories there,” he said. “And even for myself as a kid attending a lot of events. But exciting for what it brings to the area and what will happen here when it’s done.”

The groundbreaking for the new Brown County Expo Center is planned for Wednesday, July 17.