(NEXSTAR) – On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new set of guidelines for workplace vaccination centers.

“Although COVID-19 vaccine supply is currently limited, it’s not too early to share clear, complete, and accurate messages, promote confidence in the decision to get vaccinated, and engage your employees in plans to address potential barriers to vaccination,” the CDC said in a statement.

The CDC presented a series of options for companies looking to vaccinate the workforce. They include:

  • On-site vaccinations at the workplace via existing occupational health clinics, employer-run temporary vaccination clinics and mobile vaccination clinics.
  • Off-site vaccinations in the community via mobile/temporary vaccination clinics set up at community locations, pharmacies, hospitals and health care provider offices and federally qualified health centers and community clinics.

The CDC recommends instituting a workplace vaccination program if:

  • The company has a large number of on-site workers with predictable schedules
  • The company has the ability to enroll with the jurisdiction’s immunization program as a vaccination provider.
  • The company has a location with enough space for a vaccination clinic that enables social distancing throughout.

Smaller or medium-sized organizations with mobile worker populations should consider off-site vaccinations, the CDC said.

The CDC added that employers can build “vaccine confidence by making confidence visible in your workplace.” It recommends encouraging company leaders “to be vaccine champions” and communicating “transparently to all workers about vaccination.”