DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – With Thanksgiving behind us, families are preparing to place the perfect pine in their homes.

Christmas Tree shopper Troy Bloedorn says he and his family look forward to doing so every year, “The anticipation and the excitement really gets ramped up once you see that tree go up,” said Troy Bloedorn.

Tami and Troy Bloedorn are picking a Christmas tree for their home, and say they are looking forward to celebrating the holiday. 

“Christmas is one of our favorite holidays, and to have a big, beautiful tree in the house at that time it is a tradition, and it makes a lot of sense,” said Bloedorn. 

While the tree is an essential part of Christmas, Bloedorn says placing gifts under the tree is what he enjoys most. 

“Christmas morning when the kids go down and they look at the gifts and are opening them it’s so exciting, the giving of the gifts is one of the best, and then seeing their faces and reactions is one of the best gifts that we can receive and return,” Said Bloedorn.

The owner of Whispering Pines Tree Farm, Ken Yeska, says he has sold Christmas trees for nearly two decades and he encourages families to be mindful of Christmas tree safety. 

“I think the biggest thing with Christmas trees is if you are going to put your tree up you do a fresh cut, get it in water probably an hour after you do the fresh cut, and when putting lights on make sure you don’t have bare wires: that is probably the most critical thing about putting a Christmas tree up,” stated Yeska.  

Research shows that the cost of Christmas trees compared to this time last year is up 15%.