Festival Foods brings Amazon Hub to pair of stores

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If you are looking for a more secure way to get your Amazon deliveries, Festival Foods has an answer. Amazon’s shipping stations are becoming a more common way to pick up your packages.

“It’s really starting to catch on and it’s really exciting because people will walk by and say, ‘Oh, my gosh, you now have one of the Amazon lockers,'” said Sue Rouse, a customer service specialist at Festival Foods.

These self-service delivery stations are becoming the new normal.
And using them is a cinch.

“They would select our store as their shipping address,” she said. “Once they’ve done that, then they will get a notification.”

You order, punch-in your six-digit code, and move on.
Just don’t test Amazon’s patience.

“Once you get notified, you have three days to pick it up,” said Rouse. “If after three days, you do not pick it up, it will be sent back to Amazon.”

There are 65 locker slots of all different shapes and sizes, used for pick-ups and returns.

“You can put them in there, too,” she said. “You can exchange them. You can use it for more than just collecting for yourself.”

In the days of video doorbells, porch pirates are dwindling as it is.
Green Bay Police say that there have been four package thefts in November, but numbers are generally low throughout the year.

“We feel very fortunate to be able to provide that service to our guests,” said Rouse. “So, it’s starting to catch on, and I think after the holidays, it will really be well-known.”

These are not holiday specials–Festival plans to keep these around permanently. Festival currently has the lockers at its Green Bay location off of University and the Darboy location on Van Roy Road in Appleton.

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