Right now grocery stores are one of the only places still open to the public.

Because they know people need essential items, some of your favorite grociers are taking extra steps to make sure shoppers feel safe while shopping.

“We are cleaning every place that a person could touch like the pin pads, the registers, the belts and cleaning them consistently throughout the day,” says Festival’s customer service lead Sue Rouse.

Typically you could visit a Festival Food store at anytime day or night, but now there’s more cleaning to do and they need time to get it all done.

“We changed our hours from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. so that our evening is strictly there for stocking the shelves and for sanitizing all of the areas of the store,” says Rouse.

“Now every time I walk into the store I’ve been washing my hands, wiping down the cart,” says shopper Michael Stover. “Better safe than sorry.”

Shoppers have applauded the extra lengths the store has gone to clean, but they also say customers carry some responsibility, too.

“The stores have been doing their part to really keep the peace, but I think a lot of it falls onto the shoppers to be a little bit more considerate of one another, be a little more cautious,” says Stover. “The six feet rule is a big thing right now, but I think overall just being hygienic, keeping your hands clean, is the biggest factor in all of it.”

“I have limited myself to come out for necessities, but if I’ve got all my ingredients at home, I stay home and deal with what I have,” says shopper Greg Dachelet.

Festival has created their own version of social distancing, they’ve inserted plexiglass between the cashiers and shoppers to limit the spread of germs.

Everytihng is to keep shoppers at ease and healthy.

“We want to be here, but we want to be safe and we want it safe and clean for our guests, so with the adjusted hours, that really gives us opportunity to make that happen,” says Rouse. “And then we’re asking our guest that are maybe elderly or have a compromised immune system to come earlier where it’s just been cleaned and maybe it’s a little bit safer.”