There’s one thing the coronavirus pandemic can’t stop – the Friday fish fry.

Jimmy Seas was trying to keep up with fish fry orders coming in that will now be curbside.

They’ve made a few adjustments to try and keep everyone healthy.

“We’re going to take the food out to the car, we’re not going to have people touch the food,” says Jimmy Seas kitchen manager Dan Potts. “We’re going to put it on their hood, something like that, so then they can take it, so there’s no exchange or face-to-face contact.”

And don’t let the name fool you, Gallagher’s Pizza was serving and delivering its share of fish fry plates, too.

They haven’t completely gotten rid of having customers in the store, but they’re also offering to bring your fishy favorites to you.

“We don’t allow any more than five people in the place at one time trying to pick up their food,” says Gallagher’s Pizza co-owner John Hubbard. “Other than that, we’re delivering at the store and we’ve got trucks or cars all over the town tonight.”

For now your local eateries are more than happy to get your food to you in other ways.

But they’re still keeping the restaurant clean awaiting the day you’ll be able to eat there again.

“The name of the game is clean, clean, clean and as we do that, we’ll keep hoping to sell more fish,” says Potts.

Jimmy Seas says you can order your fish fry meal via carry out or you can use food delivery services like Eat Street or Uber Eats to have your fish delivered to you.