GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – At The Woods Golf Club, the past week has flown by.

“Between talking with our customers and getting the golf course ready, it’s been pretty busy.” Will Bosacki, Golf Shop Manager at the Club said.

Busy is a good thing, they’ve been waiting for this since the original safer at home order prevented golf courses from opening.

“As soon as we got the knowledge of when we’re opening, it was exciting to tell everyone like, ‘Yeah, get ready to play some golf,'” Bosacki said.

Wisconsin’s golf courses were notified last Friday that the games will be allowed to begin again this Friday, with some adjustments.

“When you get onto the green, it’s gonna look a little different,” Bosacki said. “The main thing is we spaced out our tee times 15 minutes apart.”

To reserve those tee times, you’ll have to make a call.

“We do our tee times over the phone and payment over the phone,” Bosacki explained, “that way no one has to come into our building.”

Once you get out onto the course, adjustments have been made there, too.

They’ve made modifications so no one has to touch the inside of the cups or the flags, “and then we don’t have any water jugs or ball washers or anything out there that people could touch,” Bosacki said.

Golf carts will also not be available.

Even with the changes, they’re anticipating a busy Friday.

“I think it’s gonna be busy, it’s gonna be a learning experience,” Bosacki said.

Learning experiences can be fun experiences.

“Maybe you’re not surrounded with people, you still get to go out with your four buddies and play some golf,” Bosacki said.