Green Bay applies for grants to acquire 37 homes in flood plain, flood way

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Green Bay has seen it’s share of flooding this year, but none like the flooding that damaged several properties on the east side of the city in March.

The city has assessed 37 homes located in the area’s flood plain which could be purchased with federal funds.

Those homes would be demolished and new homes would be prohibited from being built on that land.

The money would be used for acquisition, demolition and incidental costs associated with the homes.

It would not include money for house owners to relocate and the property would just become natural space.

“We’re looking for a volunteers who are willing to sell their homes, the city is not going to go in and force anybody out,” says Kevin Vonck, Green Bay’s development director. “This is an opportunity for those who may be interested in selling a property to have an opportunity to do so.”

“It just sucks because they’re talking about all these grants, but it’s all for the future,” says Mikel Perry who lives in the flood plain. “But we need something now because it’s probably going to flood again.”

Mikel and her husband Kevin live within the flood plain; their property is not one of the 37 on the list, but they know flooding will still be a problem for those who continue to inhabit the area.

Local 5 asked Vonck what future plans are to prevent flooding on the streets in question.

“You may not be able to out-engineer the flooding, so we feel it’s maybe more cost effective to work on a plan of acquisition,” he says.

Some residents don’t think buying out the properties is a bad idea, but it doesn’t solve everything.

“I think the biggest concern is the flooding that’s most likely going to occur again in the spring,” says Kevin Perry. “And the value of their house, what are they going to get for it?”

The 37 homes are located on East Mason, Hartung, Eliza, Goodell and Cass streets.

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