GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Austin Straubel International Airport is preparing for disasters. The airport conducted a full-scale disaster drill, which is required by the Federal Aviation Administration in order for the airport to keep its Commercial Operating Certificate.

Airport Director Marty Piette says the drill prepares first responders to work under pressure.

“It gives us an opportunity to practice our response and our recovery should a real emergency happen at the airport, it helps us hone in our skills as far as communication responding transporting anybody that needs assistance at the hospital,” explained Piette.

It’s the airport’s first disaster drill after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Piette says safety and prompt arrivals are their top priority.

“I think as they see these drills, understand that we are working to make this as safe of an environment as we can and that it does not impact our operations, so all flights and vehicle traffic will operate as normal,” said Piette.

The airport will conduct another drill in the next three years.