Gov. Evers has ordered all Wisconsin schools, grades K-12, to close until April 6.

The governor directed the state Department of Health Services to mandate public and private schools close in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the state.

Now parents are left to decide what their students will do without a place to go eight hours of the day for the next three and a half weeks.

“it’s concerning, but I think we have to listen to the experts and I think it’s up to the parents and childcare providers to challenge your student,” says parent of three Nancy Statz. “Challenge them while they’re at home with some academic time.”

“I have two kids, six and four, it’s not a surprise because my wife works at Bellin,” says parent James Fiel. “We kind of figured this was coming with everything that we’ve been hearing lately.”

Many question what will happen to the students who rely on food from their schools to eat and day-to-day childcare.

Part of Evers’ statement said quote: “Kids and families across Wisconsin often depend on our schools to access food and care. We are going to continue working to do everything we can to ensure kids and families have the resources and support they need while schools are closed.”

“Hopefully grandma can help out,” says Fiel. “Back and forth to work, a lot of working from home is all we can do right now.”

Details of how schoolwork and curriculum will be delivered are still unfolding.

The Green Bay School District says: “The district’s food service department is prepared to continue feeding students during the school closure. In addition, the district is prepared to provide alternative learning experiences for students…more information will be shared in the next few days and weeks to come.”

“I just think stick together,” says Statz. “We’re not looking for blame, we’re looking for how can we cope and get through this and work as a community.”

While all schools in the state must close by next Wednesday, the Appleton Area School District says they will be closed starting next Tuesday, Oshkosh schools say they will be closed starting Monday.