In December Local 5 brought you the story of seven-year-old Ben Thompson, a “Make-A-Wish” kid who’s been battling acute lympho-blastic leukemia.

Ben’s wish was to have his own Christmas light show synchronized to music.

Ben got his wish, his light show played in his front yard through the month of December.

The display took several weeks to set up and required collaboration from nearly 10 different companies.

For weeks family and friends from the community came out to watch the show with Ben.

With all the closures because of coronavirus, Ben wanted to bring a little joy back to his neighborhood, so his show ran once again Thursday night.

“Christmas is just a happy time,” says Nicole Thompson, Ben’s mother. “Christmas lights just seem to make everybody happy and it’s just good to have a little bit of cheer in everybody’s life right now.”

It was his last trip to the hospital that inspired the show to start again.

“The receptionist there was joking with Ben that people were putting their Christmas lights back up and asked if he was going to run his christmas lights again,” says Nicole. “He was like, ‘Yeah!’ and then I kind of thought well, maybe we should do it.”

Nicole thought the show would be a good way for people to get out the house amidst coronavirus scares, something to enjoy from a distance.

A few people came to watch Thursday night, but having a front row seat to the display for the last three months has been theraputic for Ben who battled leukemia since he was three.

“It’s great to see him where he’s able to run around and be a normal kid again where he wasn’t for a couple of years,” says Nicole. “Him running around and playing and watching his light show, dancing on the porch to his light show, it’s just great.”

The family was supposed to take the display down this month – now they’re glad they left it up.

“I don’t know how he’s going to feel when we have to take it down so we can mow the lawn and stuff this summer,” Nicole laughs.

Ben and his family are happy to report, Ben completed his last round of treatment two weeks ago.