APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said everybody can be great because anybody can serve and at Lawrence University, those words were put into action

Because of the MLK holiday, students were absent classes at Lawrence University, so they used that day to be present in their community.

Riverview Gardens was one of several organizations where students volunteered.

Students picked up logs and cleared out hoop houses, so that summer vegetables and employment will be available for those in need.

Floreal Crubaugh volunteered and says, “Supporting communities, especially our most vulnerable and disadvantaged part of the communities, was a really big part of Martin Luther King Junior’s vision and this idea of community and the ability to come together for a greater cause.”

The theme of service continued at the Lawrence University Memorial Chapel where the community heard from African American Studies Professor and keynote speaker, Dr. Simon Balto.

He challenged those in attendance to be as proactive in their service so that we can help eliminate the need for community assistance.

Dr. Balto says, “I think it really important to do service. I also think that if we’re gonna honor king it really important to do a broader social analysis of why service is necessary. If, for example, people serve lunch at soup kitchens and food banks, it’s important to also think about why soup kitchens and food banks are necessary when we live in the richest country on earth.”

FEBRUARY IS BLACK HISTORY MONTH and the following events are planned in the Fox Cities:

African Heritage Inc. – February 15, 2020, at Fox Valley Technical College

Celebrate Diversity-Fox Cities Annual Meeting – February 20, 2020, Fox Valley Technical College

Pillars – 605 E. Hancock Street, Appleton, February 6, 2020