BRILLION, Wis. (WFRV) – Voting for the USA Mullet Championships is going on right now and there are two kids that live in our viewing area that are finalists.

One of them is 5-year-old Axel Wenzel from Brillion.

He tells Local 5 News that he has been growing out his mullet for about two years and it started when his uncle made him a bet.

“My uncle promised me a Camaro (if he grows out the mullet until he turns 16), I want it because then I don’t have to buy it myself,” said Axel.

Axel’s mother Jessica said that Axel came up to her asking to donate any money that he makes if he wins the competition to the Brillion Nature Center to help the reptiles that live there and to homeless people in his community.

“He’s so cute and I love the cause behind what he’s trying to do, the fact that he wants to donate his winnings made me emotional knowing that that is what he would choose to do with that kind of winnings,” said Jessica.

She told Local 5 News that she’s been taken aback by all the attention her son’s mullet has received and is very appreciative of all the support for her son.

She said with a name like Axel the mullet hairstyle fits perfectly. She said Axel is very adventurous and loves the outdoors.

She said she cried when her son came up to her saying he wanted to donate any money he won to charity.

Axel isn’t the only one in northeast Wisconsin with a marvelous mullet. Max Weihbrecht is from Lawrence and is competing in the teenager division of the USA Mullet Championships.

His parents tell Local 5 News that he loves the outdoors and hunting.

They said that they initially said no when Max first asked for the mullet, but then secretly told their haircutter to surprise Max by cutting his hair into a mullet.

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Axel is competing against 25 finalists in the kids’ division, and Max is competing against 11 finalists in the teen division. 

Voting ends on Aug. 19. To vote for Max or for Axel click here.