The Oneida nation hosted their 10th annual Big Applefest Saturday.

The grounds opened this morning on the Amelia Cornelius culture park on the Oneida reservation.

Activities included horse-drawn wagon rides, apple pie baking contests, a petting zoo and a farmer’s market.

Visitors were able to go to the nearby Oneida Apple Orchard and pick their own apples for purchase.

Organizers explained how the Applefest tradition started.

“Years ago on our site we had five, 100-year-old reconstructed log homes and we needed an event to roll them out and we thought that 100 people would show up,” says Michelle Danforth. “500 people showed up and now it’s grown and it’s grown and it’s grown and it’s fantastic seeing all these families and smiles out here.”

An injured eagle, brought in by the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, was released back into the wild during the fest.