OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) One local elementary school took part in a growing movement across Wisconsin during Black History month to focus on diversity, literacy and family engagement.

Students at Webster Stanley Elementary are making this world better through their first Read Your Heart Out event.

Michelle Belnavis, the founder of Read Your Heart Out says, “The event celebrates our students who need to be able to be reminded that they are important and in reading books that show success overcoming obstacles.”

Kids are told about the struggles of blacks through books and reminded of their own ability to overcome challenges through the affirmation “I am somebody.”

Tanya Schmidt, a 4th-grade teacher at Webster Stanley Elementary says this affirmation reminds students, “they are somebody that can make a difference in the world.”

In addition to affirmations, students learned about black culture through stories written by African American authors and ready by influential black community leaders.

Darryl Sims, Asst. Chancellor of Athletics for Oshkosh says when he has the opportunity to read and be involved in the community that he feels, “likeI’m helping to continue to carry that message. Black history is something that incredibly important to our country.

Read Your Heart Out is in its 16th-year statewide and in more than six school districts including two local districts –here in Green Bay and Oshkosh