Wednesday Gov. Tony Evers directed the Department of Health Services to restrict the size of all childcare settings.

This means child care facilities must limit themselves to no more than 10 on-duty staff and a maximum of 50 children.

Wednesday afternoon was a little quieter than usual at “Care for All Ages” Child Care Center, but there’s still plenty of kids around.

The center’s director said coronavirus concerns have kept some children at home, but not all parents have that option.

“One mom called crying that the husband would have to stay home which is down an income if we wouldn’t be able to provide that care,” says Katrina Spychalski.

“I would honestly probably either leave them at home and try to find a babysitter or normally when my kids are sick take them to work with me,” says parent Adriana Meza-Pavon.

Typically, “Care for All Ages” serves about 160 kids a day.

They’re asking their staff and their parents that if they can make arrangements to stay at home for the time being to do so.

Fortunately “Care for All Ages” has two parts to their facility that are completely seperate from one another – the regular building and what they call a gym area.

They asked permission from the state to keep both parts open, that way they can serve at least 100 kids instead of just 50, that permission was granted.

But services for some children will still have to be cut.

“If they don’t need childcare or they have an alternative or they can stay home with their kids we’re trying to get their help in this decision making because that will allow us not to have to cut care for someone who truly needs it,” says Spychalski of the cut-backs.

For now the what the center will do with it’s employees is unclear, temporary lay-offs are inevitable.

“We’re also looking at if we can do some split shifts because we can’t have any extra staff for breaks and stuff, so maybe we can work that in somehow,” says Spychalski.

Amidst the coronavirus chaos, child care providers are trying to provide some peace for parents.

“At least the owners at this daycare, I can honestly say, are more worried about the parents and their income and taking care of our children the best that they can,” says Meza-Pavon.