SEYMOUR, Wis. (WFRV) – With temperatures reaching nearly 90 degrees, the sun’s heat is expected to dry soil fast. Most farmers have planted their crops, soil expert Kevin Jarek says farmers should be aware of the rising temperatures. 

“Typically, you want to plant that seed to a depth where there’s moisture the problem is we can go three or four five six inches into the soil and it’s bone dry so the problem is we can play the crop germination is going to be another question,” stated Jarek regional crops soil education the University of Wisconsin.  

While most farmers have planted their crops, soil expert Jarek recommends planting when the environment is moist. Jarek says planting in wet soil will benefit the crops’ longevity.  

“Once the plant is in the ground within 24-48 hours, we want it to start to embed moisture from the soil around it so it can swell, and you can get the plant to germinate and see growth above the surface,” said Jarek.

Jarek says checking the moisture of your soil and watering crops more often than usual will prove to be beneficial.