APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Multiple service organizations and military personnel gathered to perform a salute for veterans laid to rest. James Kopczynski is a member of the Appleton Scarlet Guard and says it is their duty to honor those who served. 

“I think as a group and as an organization I think to come here and honor that and go to other places as a color guard and honor our fallen it’s important, it shows other people in the community that this is an important day,” stated Kopczynski.  

The Fox Valley Veteran’s Council says Memorial Day is meant to honor the brave men and women who have paid the ultimate price.  

“We have very few service members that are currently serving we have very few veterans who exists in our country at this point , that number’s going to get smaller, it’s important to memorialize those who served for their country and especially those who gave what you could give which is everything for their nation,” Timothy Cody president of Fox Valley Veterans Council.  
Kopczynski says he looks to make younger generations aware of the importance of Memorial Day. 

“If they’ve had a grandpa or a parent or aunt or uncle that have served, I think it’s important for them to honor their service for younger people that haven’t been associated with anyone that has served just honoring the fact that they enjoy their freedoms because of people that have sacrificed their life,” explained Kopczynski. 

This is the fourth time the event has taken place.