ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WFRV) – Shoppers pride themselves on shopping locally as an investment in their community.

“Whatever we can do to continue to support these small businesses is what we should be doing as community members,” said Ellen Katter, a small business customer. 

Customers shopping at The Heel in Ashwaubenon say it is important to support small businesses.  

“We made a conscious decision this morning to come here because we wanted to support this business,” stated Katter. 

The Heel specializes in footwear and offers help to customers in need. Small business supporter Joanna Blomberg says customer service is her reason for shopping locally. 

“The big box stores you walk in there’s not a lot of help. For instance, at The Heel here you come in, they ask you exactly what you are looking for and they assign a worker to you, so that is the nature of small businesses, it is more personable,” said Blomberg. 

Owner of The Heel, Troy Dempsey, has sold shoes for more than two decades and says supporting local businesses is a fantastic way to invest in the community. 

“We are involved in our community and our employees are involved in it, so I think it is important to do and support that. Otherwise, when you buy something from say online or maybe from a not local business the money does not stay in the community the same way it does when you buy from a local business,” said Dempsey.  

The Heel is located on Waube Lane in Ashwaubenon.