As part of their redevelopment plan, the city of Two Rivers is taking steps to build a new hotel in their downtown area. Construction will begin on the Cobblestone Hotel & Suites property this summer.

City Manager Greg Buckley thinks the hotel will bring more tourism to the area, boosting the local economy.

“It’s really hard to overstate the impact of this planned hotel project right here in our downtown waterfront,” Buckley told Local 5. “Our vision as a city has been to turn our face back to the water, back toward these incredible resources we have, with the harbor, our rivers, Lake Michigan.”

The hotel will be located at the intersection of 16th and Jefferson, with close access to restaurants, bars, shops, and bike and pedestrian trails. The $6.3 million construction project is being funded by bank financing, private investors, and grants from the city itself, as well as a recent $250,000 grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

“Greg Buckley and the city came to us and said, ‘Would you guys be interested in leading a hotel development here in Two Rivers?’, and that’s what kicked off the whole process about two years ago,” said Ross Niemi, one of the project’s developers. “Two Rivers has a ton of natural resources here, a great plAce to stay right in town, a lot of things for people to do… enjoy the lake, enjoy the view, it’s gonna be a fabulous location.”

The city has committed to develop the property across the street from the hotel as public green space to maintain the quality of the viewshed.

The hotel is expected to open in May 2020.