WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — The Biden Administration says it’s pouring resources into getting Afghan refugees settled into the United States.

“[There are] tens of thousands of Afghan nationals, many of whom assisted the United States and many of whom are vulnerable women and girls,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said.

Mayorkas says Operation “Allies Welcome” is an ongoing effort to bring remaining Americans home and helping these refugees.

“Where the people and their families are checked in, offered a COVID vaccine, fed, provided medical care, counseled, and sheltered before their onward movement,” Mayorkas said.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says they are in contact with the Americans who are still in Afghanistan.

“We’ve assigned case management teams to each remaining American citizen who has expressed an interest in leaving,” Blinken said.

More than 30,000 of these refugees are in the bases in temporary housing and Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby says they are processing Afghans as fast as they can.

“If you’re an SIV and you’re further in the process, then obviously it won’t be as long as somebody who is not in that program,” Kirby said.

Images obtained by NewsNation show poor conditions at some of the camps. U.S Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck says they are addressing those issues.

“I’m building eight small cities, okay? We’re going to have challenges, just like you do across the nation in various locations,” VanHerck said.

The Pentagon says there are still threats in and around Afghanistan, but will not disclose details about potential future operations.