(WFRV) – A very unusual December storm has brought it all to Northeast Wisconsin. The strengthening low-pressure system first originated back near the Rocky Mountains.

December 15 began with dense fog that struggled to break during the daytime, especially along the lakeshore. Temperatures were still able to climb throughout the day with an approaching warm front, however, record warmth would not be achieved until just before midnight. The high temperature for December 16 was set shortly after midnight and is now the warmest December temperature on record.

A broken line of showers and storms brought some lightning to our area right around midnight. This line of showers and storms brought widespread storm reports which included a few tornadoes to our west. Behind these storms, wind gusts have been strong.

Non-thunderstorms wind gusts have climbed over 60 mph in some cases which is considered rare. Winds will gradually decrease throughout the day Thursday.