(WFRV) – Winter is upon us. This past week areas in Northeast Wisconsin saw temperatures below average. It’s a period of change that is reflected in November’s Full Moon which will come the night of November 18th.

This moon goes by the name the “Full Beaver Moon” because it’s the time of year when beavers begin to shelter for the winter.

November’s Full Moon also goes by the Digging Moon, Deer Rutting Moon, and the Freezing Moon. All of these names highlight the actions animals take in preparation for the winter. What will be potentially special about this moon is the fact there will be a partial lunar eclipse.

97 percent of the moon will slip into Earth’s shadow which causes the moon to have a slight red tint. Maximum eclipse will occur at 3 AM, November 19 for North America.

The reddish tint has some referring to the full moon as the “Blood Moon.”

Our full timetable for the Beaver Moon in Northeast Wisconsin will have peak Illumination in the early morning hours of Friday, November 19. The moon will actually appear over 95% full from November 17 to November 21.

With our early sunsets now in Northeast Wisconsin, be sure to check out the full moon in the evening. If you happen to see the partial lunar eclipse, send us your photos on social media.