(WFRV) -The official start to spring will come this Sunday, March 20. However, in Wisconsin, we know this does not necessarily mean we are completely done with the snow. How much snow do we typically see after the start of spring?

It’s worth noting the date of the spring equinox changes year to year, but here is how much snow we get from March 20 to the end of April. On average since 1887, Green Bay typically gets 6 inches of additional snow. In the last 5 years, 4 of these time frames have been below this average. We all remember the blizzard of 2018 in April which really kicked up the numbers after the start of spring.

In terms of last snowfalls that accumulates to over 0.1″, April 13 is the average last date of snow. Although we had snow until April 21 last year, the last few years have generally been within average, except for 2017 which had the last snowfall in March.

If you are looking for more positive news, our first 70-degree day typically comes on April 15. The average high on April 1 is 47 degrees, and by the end of the month the average high increases to 61 degrees.