(WFRV) – It was just two years ago when record high water levels brought flooding and erosion problems to much of the Great Lakes, including Lake Michigan.

Water levels typically increase during the spring and summer months as snowfall and storms bring heavier rains that flow into the lakes. By the autumn and winter, heavier precipitation typically becomes less frequent, and lake effect snow evaporates water from the lake.

The water level reading for September 9th on the Lake Michigan-Huron system was 579.82′. Compared to this time last month, water levels have fallen by 4″.

Looking further back, the water level has dropped 9″ compared to September in 2021. Although water levels have dropped significantly from their records in 2020, these levels continue to run above the monthly average by 8″.

The current forecast suggests levels to drop by another 3″ by October.

The highest water level for September, set in 2020, was 581.95′.

For more information on the current water levels, forecasts, and more Great Lakes information, follow the link here.