(WFRV) – Whether you are a recreational boater or doing research on water quality, having up-to-date weather and water conditions is very useful. And now NEW Water is excited to provide that information right from the lower bay.

On land, there are plenty of locations reporting live weather information, but this information is more difficult to find over the water. That, however, is no longer a problem at the mouth of the Fox River thanks to some new equipment.

“Recently we were able to get a grant from GLOS, and that mini-grant allowed us to get new technology to bring the water quality equipment into real-time,” says Sara Bartlett,  Water Resource Specialist at NEW Water.

The mini-grant from the Great Lakes Observing System allowed NEW Water to buy equipment that now monitors weather conditions and indicators for dead zones due to low oxygen and blue-green algae caused by cyanobacteria. 

“We commonly see cyanobacteria or blue-green algae here in the Fox River, so having a sensor that in real-time to see how it is changing and if a surface bloom is going on will be very helpful to the recreators,” says Bartlett. 

As the data comes online in real time, the goal is to allow the public free access to all the information being monitored. 

“Hopefully a lot of people can start to use these data especially if they recreate here in windier days, it’s really nice to have information like wind speed, wind direction, air temperature.”

If you want to view the data from the Fox River, or any reporting station on the Great Lakes, follow the link here https://seagull.glos.org/landing