The month of November as a whole was a very warm month. The average temperature in Green Bay was 41.8° which ranked as the 4th warmest November on record. The average temperature for the month is 34.6°

We had several dry stretches of weather in November as well, but the final total for precipitation was slightly above the average of 2.06″.

Not only was Green Bay warm for the month, but so was most of the state! Temperatures across Wisconsin ran anywhere from 2°-6° above average as seen on the first image. Precipitation was also above average for the central portions of the state as noted in the green shading. Northwestern and southeast Wisconsin experienced slightly below average precipitation for November.

Temperature compared to average
Precipitation compared to average

As we look ahead to the beginning of meteorological winter our average snowfall totals begin to increase while temperatures decrease. Highs that average in the middle 30s on the 1st will drop into the middle 20s as we end the year. On average Green Bay receives 13.1″ of snow in December.

If you’re hoping for some snow, this month isn’t not looking good for above average snowfall totals. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting below average precipitation for most of the United States in December.

Stay tuned to Storm Team 5 for the latest forecast updates!