(WFRV) – The National Weather Service (NWS) in Green Bay has announced the Skywarn spotter schedule for those looking to become a storm spotter within our community. The Skywarn program is made up of thousands of volunteers that bring critical information that can help the forecasters at the weather service.

Kurt Kotenberg is a meteorologist at NWS Green Bay. He explains, “Basically Skywarn is a way for us to get trained spotters in the field to be our eyes and ears because our radar can only see so much. So if we have that ground truth where the spotters can come in and help give us that information, that is really what the Skywarn program is about.”

If you have an interest in the weather, and you are looking to get more involved, becoming a spotter may be for you.

Types of training can either be standard or advanced. Advanced talks dive into more of the science. Currently, there are five standard talks all scheduled in April, and two advanced trainings (one at the end of April, one to start May).

Training schedule from NWS Green Bay

Kotenberg says, “If you are on the fence about this, talks are 100% virtual, and the talks last about 45 to 55 minutes,so not too long…Comfort is another benefit so you can do it from the comfort of your own home…you can literally make popcorn in your pajamas and listen to us talk about weather safety.”

Those looking to sign up can visit www.weather.gov/greenbay/skywarn