(WFRV) – The record breaking cold weather continues for much of the country this week. With Wisconsin expected to warm back up in the coming days, here is another experiment to enjoy the cold while it lasts. 

Do it yourself experiment

Materials: small balloons, food coloring, knife, and water

  1. Take the small balloons and fill them with water
  2. Drop some food coloring into the balloons
  3. Shake and mix the balloons up to spread the food coloring 
  4. Leave those balloons outside for 3 to 4 hours. The outside temperature in this experiment at the start was 1 degree 
  5. After the balloons are frozen, pick them up and then cut off the outer layer of the balloon with a knife

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What’s left are colorful balls of ice! The freezing point of water is 32 degrees, but the colder the temperatures are, the better this experiment will go.

High temperatures this week will continue to climb in Northeast Wisconsin. Overnight low temperatures will remain well below freezing which will be the best times to do this experiment.