(WFRV) – Time to put those eyes and telescopes to the sky Wednesday Night as another supermoon is expected to light up the night sky.

A blue moon is expected to rise from our eastern horizon Wednesday around 7:42 p.m., according to TimeAndDate.com.

A perigee is the point in which the moon is closest to the Earth, which, according to NASA, is 226,000 miles from Earth compared to the apogee point, which is 251,000 miles away.

Now the question remains: What type of blue moon is it? Well, there are two types of Blue Moons: The Seasonal Blue Moon and the Monthly Blue Moon. According to TimeAndDate.com, the seasonal blue moon would be the third Full Moon during the season, whereas the monthly blue moon occurs when two Full Moons align in a singular month.

Which one is it? If you guessed the Monthly, you would be correct, as the Sturgeon Moon was seen on August 1st, and no more super full moons are expected during Astronomical summer.

Saturn will also make a bright appearance in the sky tonight, as it will be seen to the right of the moon in the Aquarius constellation, according to NewsNation.com

Photos of this beautiful astronomical event can be uploaded to the Storm Team 5 App.