(WFRV) – Temperatures are on the rise in Northeast Wisconsin. Over 40 degree temperatures were reached on Tuesday. The continued warmth will cause the snow and ice to thaw out in our area.

11 inches is the amount of snow Green Bay had to start off the week. With the warmer temperatures expected, significant snow melt will happen across the region. Using an approximate 10:1 snow to liquid ratio, many spots can expect over an inch of water from this snow melt. 

This 10:1 ratio can change based on how much liquid is in the snow when it first fell to the ground.

What is the issue?

Overnight low temperatures will dip back below freezing towards the end of the week which leads to icing concerns. This will set-up the scenario for snow melting with above freezing temperatures during the day and then refreezing at night.  

Flooded back streets and driveways could turn into black ice through the morning hours. This could cause a few slick spots on the morning commutes later this week. 

Black ice is patchy ice on the roadways that cannot be easily seen due to its thin coating. It is most prevalent during the early morning hours after snow melts and refreezes overnight.  

The best advice is to drive slowly when black ice is possible in an area. Know when black ice formation is possible and be prepared on the back streets in the morning hours.