(WFRV) – Tornado sirens are set to sound off in Northeast Wisconsin on Thursday, April 15. Two statewide tornado drills will happen to encourage people in the state to practice their plans in the event of a tornado.

If this was not a drill, the tornado siren would mean a tornado is happening or likely in your area. This means a tornado warning has likely been issued and a tornado is happening or likely in your area.

So where are the safest places to be?

If you don’t have a storm shelter, your safe place needs to be in an interior room. You are going to want to avoid windows, doors, and outside walls. Cover yourself with pillows if you have time. The safest place to go, if you have one, would be in the basement.

If you live in an apartment, then a stairwell or bathtub can serve as a good place to go.

If you are outside, get inside immediately. Driving on the roads, you need to get out of your vehicle as soon as possible. If there is no shelter available, get into a ditch.

After a tornado has passed, you may be in a state of shock if your community was hit. Be aware for more storms possible in your area. Get into contact with your family. Lastly, watch out for damage. There could be downed power lines, shards of glass and splintered wood.

During a tornado warning, Storm Team 5 will cut into programming doing anything we can, to keep our viewers safe. For Storm Team 5, I’m meteorologist Ryan Morse.