(WFRV) – Spring-like warmth has graced Northeast Wisconsin this week. This is fitting with our next full moon that generally references the transition from winter to spring. The “Full Worm Moon” will appear in the night sky on St. Patrick’s day. Its name comes from worms that surface for spring.

March’s full moon goes by a lot of different nicknames. “Sugar Moon”, “Crow Comes Back Moon”, and “Wind Strong Moon” are a few names that signify the change from winter to spring. The moon also has a religious meaning.

The last full moon before the spring equinox is the “Lenten Moon”. Look for the full moon to rise at 6:26 pm on Thursday night.

Peak illumination occurs in the early morning hours. The moon will also appear over 94% full from March 16 to March 20.

Our next full moon will be the “Pink Moon” which comes on April 16. Like the “Worm Moon”, this full moon will have a religious meaning related to Easter.