(WFRV) – Leaves are prepping to turn into vibrant colors with the winds of change and crisp air of the fall season upon us. The first day of autumn is getting closer and closer. September’s upcoming full moon reflects this change of the seasons. 

Most of the time, September’s full moon goes by the Harvest Moon because the rise of the full moon is often closest to the fall equinox. That will be the case this September as the full moon rises just two days before the equinox. This name refers to the time farmers finish their harvest before frost arrives. 

If the full moon in October lies closer to the fall equinox, September’s Full Moon goes by the corn moon. Other names include Autumn Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, and Leaves Turning Moon. All of these refer to the transition to the fall season. 

On Monday, September 20 the full harvest moon rises in Northeast Wisconsin at 7:12 p.m. Peak Illumination occurs shortly before, so it will be brightest when the moon first rises on the 20th. The moon will appear over 95% full for September 19, 21 and 22.