(WFRV) – Have you noticed the increase in potholes the last few weeks? It’s a constant pain for those to watch on the roadways. Damage to your tires, rims, or hubcaps is not out of the ordinary. So how do potholes form?

It starts with water that seeps in through the cracks of the road which collects underneath and softens the base. Once the water freezes, it expands and forces the pavement upward. Cars add extra weight and stress to the weakened pavement.

Once Northeast Wisconsin gets drier weather, the water dissipates and leaves a hole under the pavement. The weight of cars that now pass causes road surface to collapse and form the pothole.

The spring season in our area not only produces rainfall as a water source for potholes but also produces snowmelt water. Especially in Northeast Wisconsin, we have many nights in the spring that still slip below freezing with daytime temperatures above freezing. This is why potholes are always a concern for this time of year.