The latest Northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

While it might have looked a bit cloudy out today, it’s actually not! We have had nothing but clear skies today, but a haze looming over us from Canadian wildfire smoke it what allowed it to seem a bit gloomy. Thanks to the sun and warmer start to our afternoon, areas north and west of Green Bay are in a critical fire danger area for through May 18.

We reached a high very early this afternoon of 74 degrees, but temps since then have been on a rapid decline. This is because of something called a pneumonia front, which is essentially a faster moving cold front thanks to a northeasterly wind pulling off cooler air from Lake Michigan. Temps continue to drop tonight until we fall to a low temperature around 38 degrees here in Green Bay, which is actually our average low for April 23!

The strong northeasterly breeze of the lake now keeps us a bit cooler with temps only in the 60s for tomorrow. Expect lots of sunshine until the late afternoon when cloud cover returns by tomorrow night.

We warm up by Thursday before another cool down as shower chances return in the forecast late Thursday into Friday.