The latest northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

Cooler weather finally rolling in as our heat streak ends Tuesday. The last 10 days featured high temperatures reaching at least 80 degrees, with the warmest day on June 1st hitting 92. Now, highs will return to around normal for the next few days – that value is 74 degrees.

Today, northeast winds from 10 to 15 miles per hour will do two things. First, plan on a big drop off in temperatures that top out in the low to mid 70s. Second, the wildfire smoke will slowly work out of the sky, with less smoke by the end of the day. Sky conditions otherwise will show some clouds with breaks for hazy sunshine here and there.

Tonight, it will be mostly cloudy in the evening, then clearing skies overnight. Lows will fall to around 48 degrees.

Really nice weather Wednesday as high pressure regains full control of Wisconsin’s weather. That means sunny skies and comfortable air in the mid 70s. A little bit of wildfire smoke may return to bring a hazy look to the sun.