The latest Northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

This summer-like heat continues on! Today we hit our first 90 degree day of the year, with Green Bay sitting at 92 degrees as a high…and nope…it’s not a record. That record stays at 101 degrees set back in 1934.

Now look at the major difference in temps from the Lakeshore to the Fox Cities. We have a southeasterly breeze and that keeps the Lakeshore cool, and areas inland much warmer. This creates a Lakefront Boundary, and essentially since areas on the Lakeshore are cooler, there is a lack of daytime heating, and those areas won’t see any chance of precipitation, or even cloud cover. However, since we are HOT further inland, we do have daytime heating, so pop-up t-storms are likely in the late afternoon/early evening hours. This was the case yesterday, what is happening today, and what will continue to stay the case into tomorrow AND even Saturday.

Nothing is severe, put heavy downpours and possible hail are likely.

Now, since these thunderstorms are pop-ups, and by no means a washout, we are keeping the dry trend going! We wrapped up the month of May below average precip wise, but overall for the year of 2023 we are still above average, but barely.