The latest northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

Cooler, less humid air has now entered the state, and you can expect a cooler-than-normal weather pattern to stick around for a while.

Lots of clouds for Thursday. There is some evidence that a sprinkle or a light rain shower could form in isolated areas, but the chance for rain is low. Temperatures take a hit, with low to mid 60s for highs. About 60 near the lakeshore and across the north.

Staying clouds through the night. Some light rain could form, especially near the lake and bay. The low is 52 degrees.

Morning clouds hang around for the first half of Friday. The afternoon will see sunshine arriving from north to south. With more late day sun, those highs will jump up a bit to 68 degrees.

The best day of the weekend will be Saturday! Lots of sunshine and a high of 73 degrees.

Sunday, partly sunny and 70 degrees. A boundary approaching from the west could bring some showers during the day.