The latest northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

Back to work and school today! It’s a big day, but you’ll want to dress in light clothes because it will be very warm and muggy again.

For Tuesday, some sun in the morning will be covered up by more clouds in the late morning and afternoon. It’s not a big chance, but an isolated light rain shower may form with those afternoon clouds. Highs just shy of records in many spots with upper 80s to around 90 degree temps during the warmest part of the day. 76 by the lakeshore.

Tonight will be breezy and muggy. That breeze will hold temperatures around 70 degrees overnight. A cold front approaching will bring a chance for overnight thunderstorms, mainly after midnight. Downpours and lightning will be the main risks, while gusty winds and hail can’t be ruled out where the storms start first, across the north.

An area of low pressure will spin over us Wednesday. That will bring partly sunny skies and off/on showers and thunderstorms all day long. The good news there will be more dry hours than wet hours. Temperatures will be in the upper 70s at this point, and that muggy air will linger.

Humidity drops on Thursday, but that spinning low will continue to throw clouds at us, plus isolated showers that will primarily hug the lakeshore. Temperatures tumble to 64 degrees for some heat relief!