The latest northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

Breezy and cool for Tuesday, and decent shot at some showers! Cloudy with scattered showers in the morning that don’t quite reach the far north. Those showers drop south through the late morning, but we’ll keep that rain chance in southern sections into the afternoon. The sun will come out to the north first, while the rest of the area could get some sun late in the day. The highs are upper 40s and lower 50s, coolest by the lake.

Tonight will be mostly clear, but without the clouds, temperatures will get chilly into Wednesday morning. The low is 35 degrees, but there could be some places near the freezing mark. If you jumped the gun with buying plants, you may want to keep them inside tonight.

Tomorrow will be sunnier with some thin clouds from time to time. Away from the lake the highs climb to the upper 50s to near 60, while the lakeshore stays near 50 degrees.

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