The latest Northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

It’s been a bit of a cloudy and cooler end to this weekend! Today Green Bay’s high temp only reached 73 degrees. This is because the system that brought severe weather to our area Friday night also had a cold front attached to it, which cooled off the northern MW quite a bit.

Today we were dry thanks to an area of high pressure north of Wisconsin. However, an area of low pressure to our southwest brought in lots of cloud cover today, and in between a low and a high so close like this, we get fairly breezy conditions, and as our wind stays out of the E/NE tomorrow, high temps will likely only reach the mid 60s.

This area of low pressure will also provide our next chance for soaking rainfall tomorrow. This puts areas south of Green Bay, including Fond du Lac and Sheboygan counties in a Flood Watch until 11pm tomorrow.

Expect heavy rain to begin moving in around 2am tonight, with the bulk of the system continuing until the evening hours tomorrow. After that, the back end of the low pressure system will provide a few more light showers, with cloud cover and rain fully cleared off by Tuesday morning.

During this time frame we will accumulate roughly around .5″-2.5″ of rainfall.