The latest Northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

Certainly a bit of a gloomy start to this work week with cloudy skies, cooler temps, and rainy conditions.

An area of low pressure has made it’s trek north and today is sitting in southern WI/northern IL, which is why we saw the clouds and showers for today. We keep the chance for spotty, scattered showers until about bedtime tonight, where we turn dry with partly cloudy skies. Maybe a passing sprinkle is possible but overall we are dry.

Tomorrow begins partly sunny and dry with a possible sprinkle chance through the morning and early afternoon. However, around 4/5pm tomorrow, low pressure will bring the chance for spotty, scattered showers again which continue overnight before we dry out with lots of sunshine to end this work week.

That area of low pressure also has a cold front attached to it, and as that’s made it’s way north through the Midwest, it has kept a bit of a breeze out of the north/northeast, which allows the cooler temps to stick around. Expect a below average low temp tonight of around 50 degrees and a below average high temps tomorrow at around 63 degrees.

We have a small warmup to end this work week.

12 days until Fall!