The latest Northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

High pressure slid in this morning, which cleared out last night’s cloud cover and gave us lots of sunshine.

Throughout this afternoon, however, an area of low pressure to our west has continued to creep in, which is what brought the increased cloud cover which sticks around until later this evening. Into tonight, we will have a period where cloud cover decreases a bit again, so we’ll call tonight partly cloudy. By tomorrow morning, cloud cover will have returned, along with areas (primarily north of Green Bay) that could see mixed showers to begin Thursday.

By the lunch hour tomorrow, we should dry out again with partly cloudy skies. A chance for some moisture to develop through the Northwood tomorrow evening/night will allow for a light rain chance, but south of Green Bay stays dry. It looks like rain chances stay west of us for Friday too, so we stay dry and partly sunny to wrap up this work week.

We were a touch warmer today, with highs in the low 50s. This afternoon and into the rest of tonight, we have a stronger southerly breeze (with gusts between 20-25 mph), which will allow for warm air to build in.

By tomorrow, above average high temps return. It looks like we top out around 63. We stay mild into Friday too, with high temps in the low 60s.