The latest Northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

Not too shabby of a day here across Northeast Wisconsin! We’ve had a mix of sun and cloud cover and a couple of passing sprinkles, but the majority of us stay dry.

An area of low pressure that brought the rain and clouds from last night now sits to our southeast. This also allowed for the cloud cover to stick around again today with a few passing sprinkles N/E of Green Bay on the back end of the system.

We also had an area of high pressure just north of WI, which allowed for more of the sunshine to build in through the clouds throughout the day. As we continue through the rest of this evening, this area of high pressure will continue to push in, allowing for cloud cover to slowly exit through tonight before a mostly sunny day in store for your Thursday.

It was a couple degrees cooler today than what we saw yesterday. This is thanks to that area of low pressure. This system has a cold front attached to it, so that has allowed for our winds to stay out of the north/northeast, which essentially has continued pulling in below average air.

However, as high pressure builds in by tomorrow, that will switch our winds and turn them out of the south/southwest, which will start to pull in warmer air! Tomorrow expect high temps back in the low 70s.