The latest Northeast Wisconsin weather forecast from Storm Team 5…

We are still in a Winter Storm Warning areas Green Bay and south until noon today. North of Green Bay remains in a warning until 6pm this evening.

Here’s the schedule for this system the rest of today:

-Now until noon: Staying in the heaviest snowfall period. Wind gusts could reach anywhere from 25-30 mph, so blowing and drifting snow is still a factor, and visibility will stay very reduced. Road conditions will stay horrendous during this time period, so if you do not have to go outside, stay home!

-From noon until 6 pm: Expect this snow system to slowly exit. Winds will slowly calm down, and road conditions will slowly improve. During this time period, expect more slushy/slippery/snowy roads.

-Late tonight into early tomorrow: Scattered light flurries dry out, road conditions will improve, and winds will calm as well.

Overall snow totals will be anywhere from 8-14″.