NE Wisconsin Weather Forecast From Storm Team 5…

Snow showers are expected for the late evening and overnight, likely falling during the Packers game at Lambeau. This will be a fluffier snowfall with lows around 15 degrees, then temps rise a bit when the snow moves in. Plan on about an inch of shovelable snow, up to two inches at most.

Tuesday will look much nicer, with mostly sunny skies and a high of 24 degrees.

This will be the calm before the storm.

Wednesday will bring in the arrival of a potential holiday travel mess right ahead of Christmas weekend. A potent storm will eject into the eastern Rockies and take a track (as of now) to impact much of the western Great Lakes.

We are anticipating significant snowfall with powerful winds by Friday morning, which could bring near-blizzard conditions and white-out visibility at times.

If you have travel plans for Thursday or Friday, I would look into adjusting those to Wednesday or Saturday.

The exact details of this storm are still unclear, but the impacts will likely be the same whether we get 6″ or 16″ of snow. Travel will be difficult, if not recommended starting Thursday.

Stay tuned!