(WFRV)- After spending years fighting for your country, battlefield injuries can make getting in and out of the bathtub difficult. Tundraland teamed up with Baths for the Brave to improve the lives of veterans in meaningful ways.

It all started in May of 2016 when, in a single day, the life of a Desert War veteran was forever changed. Mike Alsteen of Green Bay has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and has been struggling to use his bathroom that was not handicap accessible.

Tundraland learned of Alsteen’s struggles and knew right away they could make a positive difference, so that is what the company did. Alsteen received VIP treatment for himself and nine family members for the day while crews, unbeknownst to him, remodeled his shower.

Tundraland Home Improvements plans to help at least two more veterans before the end of the year.

For more information, head to tundraland.com or bathsforthebrave.com.